EMSAPC has 9 Divisions. Each has elected 2 Division leads to represent the system issues to the Steering Committee. Each Division is broken up into zones lead by a Deputy which cluster 3 to 5 Stations, Garages, VACs or Bases. Each base is represented by a council of 3-5 Advocates.

Divisions may choose to become allied & confederated chapters by a. establishment of their own incorporation & governance (and) b. codification of a local Basic Collective Bargaining Objectives Statement.

All Divisions and chapters will maintain interoperability, democratic governance and are ti be united behind the EMS BILL OF RIGHTS, when ratified.

The Emergency Medical Services Public Advocacy Council (EMSPAC) is dedicated to advancing the welfare of the men and women serving as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Paramedics and EMS Officers.