Standard Operating Procedures


EMSPAC SOPs are drafted by the Steering Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. They are binding upon all EMSPAC Members, Officers, and upon all subsequent Divisions and Chapters.

SOP-1: Onboarding Procedures

SOP-2: Member/Advocacy/Officer Training Standards

SOP-3: Expectations for the Leadership 

SOP-4: Chain of Command and Responsibility

SOP-5: Interoperability of Structures

SOP-6: Incident Tracking and Reporting

SOP-7: Hardship Response

SOP-8: Press and Public Relations

SOP-9: Response to the Deaths of EMTs and Paramedics

SOP-10: Political Engagement Procedures

SOP-11: Communications Framework

SOP-12: Fiduciary Policy

SOP-13: Formation of New Divisions/Chapters