Purpose & Goals

The Emergency Medical Service Public Advocacy Council (EMSPAC) presents these recommendations to advance public awareness, encourage broader unity of efforts and develop legislation to advance the welfare of Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and EMS Officers. This Basic Collective Bargaining proposal presents objectives that are long running industry standard wages and benefits for Nursing, Fire Suppression, Law Enforcement, Sanitation and Corrections. 

EMSPAC presents this proposal in hopes it will not only be adapted as baseline demands in upcoming EMS Labor Negotiations, but will also be supported by City, State and National Level Legislation.

Included are the Industrial recommendations for wage and benefit minimums to be followed by immediate next step proposals for each of the five sectors of the Emergency Medical Services; Municipal 911, Voluntary Hospital 911, Private Contract Staffing of Voluntary Hospital 911, Private Interfacility Transport and Community Volunteers

The 15 Basic Collective Bargaining Objectives (BCBO) for EMTs, Paramedics and EMS Officers in the State of New York

1. Pension Type
2. Wage Minimums
3. Health Insurance Plans
4. Sick Time & Leave
5. Premium Differentials
6. Restructured Longevity Pay
7. Paid Meal / Bathroom Breaks
8. Decent Quarters
9. Uniform Allowance
10. Maternity / Paternity Leave
11. Death & Disability Benefits
12. Recertification, Continuing Education & Licensure
13. Educational Grants, Scholarships, & Bridge Programs
14. Wellness & Safety Protections
15. Billing, Reimbursement & Sustainability

GOAL ONE: “Pension 20 and Out”

¾ final year salary close out, in perpetuity administered by State and transferable agency to agency.

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GOAL TWO: “State-Mandated Wage Minimums”

EMT Base
New Hire, No Experience in title:
$28/hr transport and $33/hr 911

Paramedic Base
New hire, No Experience in title:
$40/hr transport
$45/hr 911
+$1 per year
+$2 outstanding performance (No lateness, no crash, no incident)
+$1 Hazmat, +$2 Community Paramedic +$3 Rescue +$4 Critical Care, +$5 Flight Medic.

No overtime or salary cap.

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GOAL THREE: “Health Insurance Plans with No pay in/No copay”

No pay in/no copay on dental, vision, and medication prescriptions. Low cost immediate family coverage, domestic partner coverage and elderly parent coverage.

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GOAL FOUR: “Unlimited Sick Leave Bank”

Entry Level A/L PTO Bank of 4 weeks/ 40 hours a week paid personal leave baseline + one week a year, for each year of service to a Maximum of 4 months.

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GOAL FIVE: “Premium Shift Differentials”

Mandation Differential:
Double Time after hour 12
Triple Time after hour 24
Night differential: 20%
Weekend differential: 15%
Nocturnist differential: 5% Additional; Hazard Pay @ Double Time (Major Disasters, Deployments, Prolonged MCI Field Operations), Inclement Weather Pay Time + Time + 1/2, FTO differential @ 10% mentoring new hires, students, interns.

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GOAL SIX: “Restructured Longevity Pay”

Longevity at 6 years: 10% increase of annual
Longevity at 9 years: 15% increase of annual
Longevity at 18 years: 25% increase of annual
Longevity at 27 years: 35% increase of annual

After 30 years: 40%

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GOAL SEVEN: “Meal / Bathroom Breaks”

A Mandatory Meal and Facility period of half an hour for every 8 hours worked will be instituted. Can also be partially used for bathroom facilities. No interruption of facilities for assignment is ever warranted.

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Having Station Bunks, cleaning supplies, fridge, kitchen and a Basic Gym are to be installed in every garage.

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GOAL NINE: “Uniform Allowance and Individual PPE”

Bunker gear, goggles, helmets, boots and personalized size PPE as well as navy blue standard uniforms to be provided by the employing agency. Standardized uniform to the majority service FDNY, All uniforms must blue navy in a style mandated by the FDNY.

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GOAL TEN: “Maternity/Paternity Leave”

Each mother is eligible for up to 90 days ¾ paid maternal leave (12 weeks full paid leave), plus unpaid leave granted per diem until the child is 18 months old.
Six weeks of paid paternity leave at 3/4 percent of salary.

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GOAL ELEVEN: “Death & Disability Benefits”

On or off job AFLAC style injury benefits, permanent disability from an on job injury will result in a ¾ pension line of duty, ¼ off duty. In Line of Duty death, your final salary will be paid to your spouse in perpetuity, or children until age 23. Death or dismemberment occurring in travel to or from work will be considered line of duty, in or out of uniform. Disability from a medical condition will always be assumed to have been contracted line of duty.

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GOAL TWELVE: “Recertification, Continuing Education & Licensure”

Streamline recertification, offer licensure and create more value through more educational emphasis. A more seamless transition within the medical titles through incorporation of EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-CC into one unified 6 month EMT course.

The student may then bridge into Paramedic through additional hours, tests and practical skill competencies. We recommend longer 2, 4 or 6 year Paramedic programs resulting in the 6 year Paramedic Practitioner having comparable pay and responsibilities to that of an RN.

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GOAL THIRTEEN: “Educational Grants, Scholarships & Bridge Programs”

EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-CC to Paramedic Bridge Programs; Hazmat, Rescue, Critical Care, Flight, Officer Upgrades; Paramedic to RN/RT/PA Bridge Programs; RN/RT/PA/MD Scholarships; Public Health/ Emergency Management/ Healthcare Administration MAs; Free CUNY BA Scholarships; Tuition Reimbursement Programs and PreMed/ Post Bacc Premed Programs.

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GOAL FOURTEEN: “Wellness and Safety Protections”

The carry down stair chair will not be used by any less than 4 members except in the case of unexpected rapid deterioration without back up. All agencies will be required to purchase the roll down type stair chair. 

There will be a centralized log on for both 911 and transport to prevent concurrent self deployment into multiple job sites. After 16 hours of 911 a member will be automatically logged off and locked out of the system for 8 hours. After 24 hours a member will be locked out of 911/Transport systems for 16 hours. 

Critical Stress debriefing services will be triggered after any call with major trauma, pediatrics or mass casualty. Participation will be mandatory but can result in additional PTO/AL days post incident when appropriate.

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GOAL FIFTEEN: “Billing, Reimbursement and Sustainability”

1. Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement must cover a higher percentage of the call costs. Billing must begin for all treat and release, Community Paramedic wellness checks must be widely expanded and dual agency responses must be split billed.

 911 calls that result in emergent hospital notification and admission to ICU will be fully subsidized transports receiving 15% of the billable hospital admission.Community Paramedicine and wellness checks on legitimate medical emergencies will be fully billable beginning at $100 medicaid with $50 co pay from EBT, Medicare $100 per check. 911 calls that are “treat and release”, “wellness checks” or “generalized system abuse” will be billable calls with progressively larger co-pays for using ambulances as primary care.

Firefighter CFRs will be equipped with carrying devices and be expected to utilize them within a set of determined permaniters. CFRs will not be able to collect any differentials on any call that does not involve a set of vitals being taken, a medical report being given, oxygen being administered, bleeding control, CPR and or AED application being rendered. No CFR can release themselves from a job without a unit verbally doing so. They must obtain a unit number for release. CFRs without patient contact must immediately return to their bases and give an available status.

Ambulance rides emergent or non emergent will have a new by the story co pay for carry down/ carry up of $100 a flight. Oxygen billing will be capped at $50.00 a ride. Mileage billing will be capped at $15.00 a mile.

Non Emergent ICT/Dialysis/Discharge and Urgent Care non 911 responses will be billed to a universal amount of Medicaid $200.00/$50.00 co pay from EBT unless the patient is fully non ambulatory. Medicare full coverage to patients $500.00 from coverage.

911 and non-911 Emergency Calls of non life treating nature will be billed BLS 1 $250 and ALS 1 $500. 911 and non-911 Emergency Calls of a life threatening nature, with interventions that did not require hospital notification or ICU admission will be billed BLS 2 $750 AND ALS 2 $1,500. ALS Critical Care Billing, ALS 3 will be contingent on the advanced life support capacity provided.

Unfounded calls will always result in progressive copays beginning at $50 and progressing to $500. Truly life threatening calls will result in subsidized transports paid for by a standard percentage of the Hospital bill. There will no longer be fees charged to family members for cardiac arrest transports pronounced dead in ED.

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LOCAL 2507
(Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics and Fire Inspectors F.D.NY.- District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO)
(718) 371-0310

LOCAL 3621
(Uniformed EMS Officers-AFSCME)
(212) 815-1220

1199 SEIU
(Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics and Fire Inspectors F.D.NY.- (Voluntary Hospital based EMS, Service Employee International Union 1199 United Healthcare Workers East)
(212) 582-1890

IAEP : International Association of EMTs and Paramedics/ National Association of Government Employees 5000/LocalR220
(SEIU General EMS, Service Employee International Union)
(866) 412-7762

(International Brotherhood of Trade Unions)
(866) 412-7762

(National Association of Specialty Trades)
(914) 367-0277

(International Brotherhood of Teamsters)
(718) 937-7010

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Contact the Emergency Medical Services Public Advocacy Council (EMSPAC) to join us in this campaign for parity and justice.